The concluses de Lussan


Some places remind us how small we are in the face of the vastness of nature. Such grandiose sites demand respect and impose humility. The Concluses de Lussan, located a few kilometres north of the village of Lussan, is a wonderful place that nature has provided us. Time, the great craftsman, has worked wonders.

A geological curiosity

The commune of Lussan, located on a limestone peak, is one of the Plus Beaux Villages de France (Most Beautiful Villages in France). Just a few kilometres north, on the road to Verfeuil, is an exceptional site with steep hills and an otherworldly feeling: the Concluses de Lussan.

The Concluses is a unique natural site. The waters of the Aiguillon, a small tributary of the Cèze, have eroded the limestone rock to create a series of deep gorges spread over six kilometres. High cliffs frame the water holes, glacial potholes, gates and belvederes that you’ll find one after another. The Aiguillon evolves according to the season. While dry in summer, the river becomes untamed with heavy autumnal precipitation. Be sure you know about the state of the river before venturing into these gorges.

The Pierre Plantée which overlooks the site, is a menhir nearly six metres high, evidence of a human presence in prehistoric times.

An ideal place for a walk

 This is the perfect setting for beautiful walks and hikes. The view is already magnificent from the car park that overlooks the site, with a beautiful glimpse of the hiking trail a few meters below.

After a 30-meter descent in front of the cliffs, you arrive at a kind of stone gate, the entrance to the gorges that provide access to the gully that looks like a tunnel. The rock walls seem to close up above your head. At the bottom, the calm and solemnity that prevails provide a real change of atmosphere.