On water


To the water, let’s foam! Put on your life jackets, grab the oars and put your gear in the waterproof canisters. Let’s go for a descent down the emerald waters of the Gardon. Enjoy the landscape and the moment. Your boat is discreet enough not to frighten the surrounding fauna. Open your eyes! Raise your head as you pass under the arches of the Pont du Gard. Under your canoe, more than twenty species of fish and in the skies, eagles and vultures will accompany you. A unique experience!

Canoeing on the Gardon

The Gardon is an ideal place for water sports. Aboard a canoe, you will experience a moment of family relaxation along the water in the heart of a resplendent nature. The river is calm and has no big surprises in store for you. Trust the professionals who will be able to guide and advise you in a safe and environmentally friendly practice.

Stand-up paddle on the Gardon

If you don’t want to sit in a boat, opt for the stand-up paddle. Standing on your board, paddle in hand, you navigate with the current. The current is not violent on the Gardon and promises you beautiful moments of relaxation in the midst of an abundance of flora and fauna.

Swimming in the Gardon

The best way to enjoy the emerald waters of the Gardon is simply to swim in them. Set up your bag and towel comfortably by the riverside. You can enjoy a privileged moment and refresh yourself in the white water. In case of strong heats, you can also count on the Pont du Gard bridge to provide you with shade.

How to get to the Gardon

The best way to get to the Gardon is to go to Collias. From there, the nature and the river reach out to you. But beware, in summer, this site is very busy.

The essentials :