« Tuber Melanosporum » !

No, it’s not some obscure magic formula. It is the Latin name of one of the treasures of French (and world) gastronomy, the Black Truffle of the Pays d’Uzès and Pont du Gard.

Treasure of French gastronomy

A treasure of French gastronomy, the black truffle from the Pays d’Uzès and Pont du Gard, was awarded the prestigious national label Site Remarquable du Goût in 2016.

If you visit us between November and March, you will see our small region come alive around this particular and very famous production: the black winter truffle.

Renowned nationally, the black winter truffle is part of the culinary heritage of the Gardois region.

A truffle region

The truffle in the landscape

While walking in nature, be attentive, some details do not deceive. The “burn“, this round trace on the ground, around some trees, where grass does not grow, often indicates the presence of the famous fungus. But be careful, if you want to hunt the precious booty, make sure you are not on private property.

Events around the truffle

In winter, this gives the opportunity for beautiful demonstrations of digging. This is the harvesting of truffles with the help of truffle dogs (or pigs depending on the region). Perhaps you will attend a local event not to be missed under any circumstances: The truffle weekend.

To taste the table of the restaurants of the destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard

For those who do not like outdoor activities, Tuber Melanosporum can also be enjoyed all year round. Soft, crunchy, subtle, of an intense black, it is the top of the truffle.

The black winter truffle is an exceptional product sought after by the greatest chefs! You will find it at the tables of gourmet restaurants as well as at the tables of bistros and bodegas, on toast, at aperitif time.

The inescapable one :