The olive is one of the emblems of the Gard department. The destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard is proud of this small fruit that makes the taste buds of adults and children alike wriggle.

The olive, present on every table

You certainly can’t miss it… Whether whole, with or without stone, in oil, in tapenade, cooked or raw as an accompaniment to a tasty recipe or in a salad, the olive is omnipresent on our tables. How do you like it?

In tasting, at aperitif time, at lunch or dinner, all occasions are good to savour it. We love it!

Picholine can be used in all sauces.

The “picholine” is our star. You’ll recognize it easily: intense green, crispy and with an unmistakable taste. You’ll come across it many times during your stay, both at the tables of bistros and in gourmet restaurants.

Its oil, slightly spicy and fruity, can be enjoyed like a good wine and is the basis of the healthiest of all diets: the Mediterranean diet of course! Its quality has been consecrated by the AOP “olives and olive oil from Nîmes”. We have even dedicated a festival to it with a conference, markets and free entertainment.

The olive, present in our landscapes

You will see with your own eyes, the olive does not only mark our cuisine. It is omnipresent in our territory and our landscapes. All around you, the leaves of the olive trees punctuate nature with silver and green. If you come to visit us during the Indian summer, you will surely witness the fruit picking which takes place in September-October, before it ripens and turns black.

Few trees have as much symbolism as the olive tree. Its fruit is so small and yet it has so many emulators!

The essentials :