If you want to hear the accents and taste the local flavours, the weekly market is INCONTOURNABLE.
Attending the open-air markets is a good way to immerse yourself in local customs, to meet the locals and to discover the good local products. On this point, the destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard is spoiled. See it with your own eyes.

The market, an institution

At home, we have raised the market to the level of an institution. It is the assurance of a complete immersion in our culture. Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard has six markets a week all year round (Tuesday to Saturday), and during the summer it is the apotheosis with seasonal markets and night markets with festive and jovial atmospheres. On the programme: stalls overflowing with appetizing delicacies and heady fragrances. It makes your mouth water. A whole choice of varied, local and seasonal products are on offer. Some local specialities will please you: wines from the south-west with the AOC Duchy of Uzès, green and crunchy picholine olives, black winter truffle Tuber Melanosporum, gourmet fougasses, … Enough to spend a pleasant moment and fill your baskets and bags with food and souvenirs.

The market of Uzès, one of the most beautiful in France

The market of Uzès is the largest in Occitania and one of the most famous in all Provence. On Wednesday morning, local producers gather on the well named Place aux Herbes. On Saturdays, the market and its offerings are spread out in the surrounding streets.

It is impossible to miss the Saturday morning market in Uzès. The charm of the Place aux Herbes and the medieval alleys make it one of the most beautiful, most typical and most colourful in Provence.