Plans with kids

For families and kids in the pays d'Uzès Pont du Gard

How would you like for your kids to enjoy some unique activities? Perhaps you’d like to share a special moment with them too. Our suggestions for fun and educational outings will take you to places to enjoy with your family. Check out the Haribo Sweets Museum, the Bouscarasse Water Park or choose one of the many museums or outdoor activities in the area.


Get ready to float! Put on your life vest, grab your paddles and store your pack in the watertight cases. Off you go in a canoe down the emerald waters of the Gardon River for some healthy outdoor fun. Rowing solo or as a pair, open your eyes and enjoy the scenery. Look in the water too as you may spot one of more than 20 species of fish before turning your head up to the skies where eagles and vultures may be soaring.


 Relax! Take a break during a fishing trip. On the shores of Lake Dupuy, settle in, bait your hook, and wait. You might get lucky and catch a trout or even two.

Theme parks and museums

Be curious! Have you always wondered about all the secrets of the strawberry Tagada sweet? Do you want to escape the summer heat and have fun in a water park? Or would you rather see some animals and discover life on a farm? A multitude of theme parks and museums are available where you can have a good time with your family.

Tree climbing

Invincible! If you like to feel like you’re flying through the air while still staying safe. If you love climbing trees and jumping from branch to branch while playing Tarzan and if you want to go down giant zip lines at full speed and experience a few thrills, then let yourself be tempted by tree climbing. A fun and sporty activity that pleases all ages.