Concerts, events dedicated to gastronomy, sports competitions, cultural events and festivals of all kinds punctuate the year and weekends in Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard.

We have selected some of these highlights for you.

The Truffle season

Mid-November to Mid-March

Organized by the Comité de Promotion Agricole d’Uzès and the syndicat des producteurs de Truffes du Gard, the Truffle season and its highest point, the Truffle Weekend (January’s third weekend) brings together truffle lovers! This event is organised around two main moments of discovery: Truffle Night (Saturday evening) and Truffle Day (Sunday), festive and popular with more than 100 kilos of first choice fresh truffles.

Courses camarguaises

From march to october

These courses are widely common in Provence and Languedoc. This is a bloodless spectacle in which the objective is to snatch a rosette from the head of a young bull. The participants, or raseteurs, begin training in their early teens against young bulls from the Camargue region. Before the course, an abrivado—a “running” of the bulls in the streets—takes place, in which young men compete to outrun the charging bulls. The course itself takes place in arenas. Afterwards, the bulls are herded back to their pen by gardians (Camarguese cowboys) in a bandido, amidst a great deal of ceremony. The stars of these spectacles are the bulls, which have names, careers and graves ; humans are just there to make them shine.

Garrigue en fête


Two days of celebrations with fun and educational activities on the environment and the discovery of the Mediterranean landscape, poetic and amusing artistic encounters around street arts and friendly tastings with the products of local markets and picnic farmers. AND Easter eggs hunting !

Avril en balade


Every year, the Destination Pays d’Uzès Pont du Gard offers hikes or simple walks to discover the landscape, nature, heritage and terroir. Partners, associations and enthusiasts have mobilized as always to share with you the treasures of their territory, “declined in many proposals for discoveries and meetings throughout the month”.

Their involvement in this new, renewed and developed edition is of great richness to preserve, it is also the expression of a true passion for the knowledge of the territory and the pleasure found in sharing with all visitors, from here and elsewhere.

The Festival du Pois Chiche


The Festival du Pois Chiche (aka The Chickpea Festival), is one of the craziest festivals in the Gard! For 10 years, our celebration has been described by all kinds of qualifiers: burlesque, crazy, daring, offbeat… but it is unanimously appreciated for its quality and atmosphere! It takes place in Montaren, a small Gardois village of 4,500 inhabitants! A happy stir when 8000 festivalgoers arrive for three days of celebration!

All those who took part in the festival, who walked through the small alleys lined with dry stone walls, in the small green gardens, will tell you: the atmosphere here is unique, family, fraternal, poetic….it’s a kind of magic !

Uzès Danse


Traditionally organised over two weekends – the second and third in June – the Uzès Danse festival is dedicated to emerging choreographic creation, with a strong emphasis on unique projects.

This festival, which is taking place in our beautiful city of Uzès, brings together the greatest choreographers in contemporary dance. Elitist but accessible to all, the programming questions our relationship to others in today’s society.

Les Nuits Musicales


The Nuits Musicales d’Uzès is the ideal meeting place for festival-goers who wish to experience the unique emotion of music intensely, in a magical setting. As a summer event created in 1971, this festival evolved in a place for all music lovers but also the general public. The artistic programme, initially devoted to baroque music, also includes classical, romantic, traditional and jazz music. It brings together reference works and unpublished pieces.

The Nuits Musicales welcomes conductors, soloists and ensembles who are unanimous in their exploration and interpretation of music. Their quest for authenticity is also accompanied by a perfect match between the works programmed and the concert venues.

Terralha, European Festival of Ceramic Arts


The European Festival of Ceramic Arts, Terralha (literally, “earthen container” in occitan), invests every early summer the village of Saint-Quentin la Poterie, near Uzès. For three days, some twenty European ceramists exhibit their works in the courtyards and gardens of St-Quentin, which have been converted into temporary exhibition spaces for the occasion.

The village’s pottery workshops open their doors too. You could also count on demonstrations, screenings, workshops for children, festive evenings….. an opportunity for young and old to get to know different manufacturing and cooking techniques, and put their hands in the clay.

Son Libre Festival


Son Libre Festival (literally, “Free Sound Festival”) electrifies the village of Collias, in the Gardon Gorges.

Mixing techno, psytrance, acid and hardtek, Son Libre is a colourful and psychedelic celebration of electro. The festival thus welcomes 80 artists on its two stages for four days. Its idyllic location, on the banks of the Gardon, invites everyone to relax with their feet in the water.

Votive festivals

June to August

This patron saint’s day, still called vote or vogue, is specific to southern France. The votes, initially, were always linked to the feast of the parish saint. They were spread over the whole summer and attracted all the youth of the neighbouring communes to the village. Traditionally, a votive festival must include fairground attractions, a meal taken together in the public square, a large free raffle, a petanque competition and a night ball or balleti.

In the Gard, votive festivals are often a sign of bullfighting traditions, like the Ferias. You could then attend to abrivados, encierros and bandidos, where breeds of Camargue bulls and horses compete in strength and beauty with the gardians, our Camargue cowboys.

Night Markets

July and August

Nothing better than enjoying the summer nights in the south of France than by partaking in one of the many night markets throughout the months of July and August. Come to eat, listen to music, pick up some artisanal crafts and just enjoy the night.

This is a great way to discover the many beautiful towns in our area. Come with friends, and meet new friends. Try our local products from wine, to sausage and cheese.


Les Courants Alternatifs


Music, outdoor, organic, local. A few words that say a lot, and that seduce us every year a little more. A haven of gentleness & friendliness at the end of summer, as if to better tackle the coming year.

On the program of this little festival gem? Well, we’ll try to summarize. Good, beautiful & local. In our glasses and ears. For three days and two nights. Under the sun, the cicadas & the sweetness of the South. But also, a certain idea of the celebration together, at a low price but without sacrificing quality. A large welcoming family, at a time of the permanent festival market, where exorbitant prices are becoming the norm. Activist? Maybe not, but anchored, yes.

European Heritage Days


Heritage is our pride, it is our roots, it is a witness to the building genius that has been expressed in our country for centuries. These days are an opportunity to discover or rediscover the jewels of our most beautiful civil, religious, military buildings, places of power…it is a part of our heritage that will unfold for the enjoyment of visitors.