A village with character!

Le verger
Les falaises des Concluses

Lussan, labeled “Village and City of character” is surrounded by eleven hamlets as well as many so-called places and farmhouses. This typically medieval city encircled by its ramparts and its way of round gives a point of view impregnable on the Mount Bouquet and the Cevennes. In the gorges of Aiguillon, close to the concludes is the Pierre Plantée, one of the highest menhirs in Languedoc, which proves the presence of man in prehistoric times. The statue of a nymph, visible in the hall of the town hall is found near a Roman temple at the bottom of the village. The powerful Audibert family who reigns supreme over Lussan from the Middle Ages builds three castles. Two are still preserved and listed in the supplementary inventory of the Historic Monuments: the castle of the fifteenth century, located in the center of Lussan has a beautiful painted ceiling and the castle of Fan, built in the seventeenth century is known to have been occupied by the Gide family.

Nature et patrimoine

  • Les concluses, gorges de l’Aiguillon
  • Le menhir de la Pierre Plantée
  • Le jardin des buis (privé)
  • L’aiguillon d’art (parcours de plein air d’art contemporain)
  • Les vestiges du château du XIIe siècle
  • Le château du XVe siècle
  • La chapelle du XIVe siècle
  • Le château de Fan (privé)
  • L’ancienne forge du maréchal-ferrant