The Gorges du Gardon


The Gorges du Gardon massif is a major geological site in the South of France, known for its pristine environment and for being an excellent location for outdoor activities. The emerald ribbon of the Gardon runs 157 km in the heart of landscapes of a stunning variety. This inspired the French director Henri-Georges Clouzot to film The Wages of Fear here in 1951. Take the time to appreciate this precious setting where you can catch a glimpse of a variety of wildlife.

An exceptional natural site

You will admire this canyon formed over six million years by water flowing over rock. But be sure to respect the local feathered, furry and reptilian residents that remain very discreet, showing themselves only to the patient and non-intrusive.

At random during a hike, you may cross the path of a couple of Bonelli’s eagles out of the three pairs that live in the massif. You may also have the chance to see one of two pairs of Egyptian vultures or observe the night dance of one of the ten species of bats or maybe swim with the beavers that have inhabited these areas since time immemorial.

With 24 fish species, this is a place full of fauna in the water as well. A Regional Nature Reserve, UNESCO designated the Gorges du Gardon a World Biosphere Reserve in 2015.

An ideal spot for outdoor activities

A strong desire to delve into this beautiful nature is a healthy urge, so let yourself glide down the clear waters of the Gardon by canoe, dive in for a swim, walk through the hills or climb the cliffs. Don’t hold back, the Gorges du Gardon is the ideal spot to engage in outdoor activities while respecting the environment. From caving to horseback riding, there is something for everyone.